About me

A battle hardened professional who fears no challenge - seasoned, hardened, experienced, toughened.
No challenge is too great for rinoraw
Give him water, he'll transform it to wine, hydrogen to candyfloss and rain into rose petals.
There's nothing miraculous in that.
He simply masters the design language, the dynamics of fluidity together with the art of splitting hairs.

"My objects tell a story."

A story made to measure for the consumer.
A resplendent story.
A story that is tailor made to suit you, ah yes, your own personal story

"I love contrast, the interplay of materials, order and chaos."

rinoraw bends, kneads, sharpens, manipulates, stretches material to give it a malleable and portable look – the result is soft, supple, delightful, almost sexual shapes.

"It is fundamental that my objects are beautiful, just like you!"

A formal design education forged rinoraw's adventurous and brilliant jack of all trades character. With a prestigious degree in hand, he completed a world tour to deepen his learning and meet people.
To know them is to love them.

rinoraw was a bus driver in the Savannah, escaped death in the slumps of Eastern Europe, helped families rebuild their homes in South East Asia, but as importantly has created impressive furniture for his contemporaries.

This design adventurer has many stories to tell. But what he likes most is to tell your story by masterminding and creating unique furniture for you.